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Thanks to the amazing team at Australian National Solar we now save $3,600 per year off our electricity bill!

We just wish we'd done it sooner!
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NOTE: We service QLD & Northern NSW only..

Australian Government Solar Rebate

Access up to $4000 Solar Rebate

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Is the solar rebate still available?

YES, the solar rebate is still available, but it reduces at the end of each year.

Solar is at it's most affordable right now, with lower cost and the government rebate cover much of the cost. 

What is the solar rebate?

The solar rebate is provided by the Australian Government to encourage the use of solar energy and make solar affordable for families.Currently home-owners can access up to $4000 toward their solar energy. The total amount will vary depending on when you install, your location and the number of panels (size of your system). 

How do I qualify for the solar rebate?

It is very simple. We just need a little bit of information from you to determine if you qualify and then we can talk you through the next steps.

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