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Ground Mount Solar Panel System

Although solar panels are generally positioned on a rooftop, in some cases properties are more suited to a ground mount solar system.  This may be due to limited roof space, shading issues, aspect of the roof, poor roof structure or distance from the meter board.

As the name suggests, ground mount solar panel systems are built directly on the ground with an elevated steel frame, generally 400-600 mm high and at an angle of 30 degrees. 
Residential blocks generally don’t allow space for a ground mount solar system, but they are very suitable for rural properties to provide the best solar power generation.

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Smash Your Power Bills With Solar

Benefits of a Ground Mount Solar Panel System

  • Space – the size of your roof may be too small to provide you with the best sized system for your electricity usage. But if space allows, you can install a larger system to generate greater savings using a ground mount.
  • Aspect – The aspect of your roof may not be ideal for solar panels. In Australia, the best aspect is always north facing or an even spread of East to West. By installing a ground mount solar system, we can position the panels at the optimum aspect, so the panels are exposed to the sun all day. Again, generating the best savings for you.
  • Shade – in some cases your roof may be shaded by trees or buildings. This will prevent you from gaining the best results from your system. By using a ground mount system, you will be able to position the solar panels in the sunniest position on the property.
  • Roof quality – Your roof may not be of optimum quality to support your solar panels. With a ground mount you will not require any upgrades to your roof.
  • Animals – A ground-mount solar system is safe to be positioned around animals and can provide the benefit of shade during our hot Australian summers. 

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