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What size system will I need?

This will depend on how much electricity you are currently using. We use a solar calculator to determine the best sized system for your household, property or business. We ultimately want you to get the best system for the best price that will support any increased usage you may encounter.

How solar works

At Australian National Solar, we understand that solar energy systems can be difficult to understand at first. We've created a simple diagram to assist you to understand the process. 

Is the solar rebate still available?

Yes, the government solar rebate is still available which is great news for home owners, but it will reduce 31st December 2019. See if you qualify by completing the online form or click here to find out more.

Click here for any further questions regarding solar energy, or please get in touch with us by calling 1300 810 148 or complete our contact us form. Our friendly team would love to assist you!

See if you qualify

Will solar power save me money?

Absolutely! If you choose a quality system that is installed correctly you will be smashing your power bills from day one. Our team will teach you how to get the best out of your solar panels so that we maximise your savings.

FAQ - Solar Power

Will solar increase the value of my home?

It has been estimated that a 5kW system can add approximately $29,000-$33,000 to your home. As more and more people are looking to solar it can also increase your chances of selling.

Solar may also increase the rental return on rental properties as it is a big point of difference for renters that are looking to reduce their electricity bills.

Access the $4000 solar rebate

  1. Sunlight activates the solar panels, producing electricity.

  2. Electricity passes through the solar inverter and is converted to usable power.

  3. The solar inverter sends power to your house. Anything you don't use is transferred to the power grid.